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ekseption is a professional skin care brand offering exclusive products focusing on effectiveness, safety and innovation.

Skinology has the privilege to offer you access to these cosmeceutical products as an alternative to cosmetics widely available in High street retailers. 

Ekseption is a brand originating from Barcelona in Spain, who's focus is to create effective, safe innovative treatments and products. Incorporates skincare, chemical peels, and mesotherapy solutions, Ekseption is available in more than 45 countries.

Ekseption offers a new concept in resurfacing treatments and skincare based on the properties of organic acids. Each product is unique by its formulation, delivering immediate results, and maximum safety. Ekseption skincare can be used at home similar to other skincare brands, or as part of a treatment plan with chemical peel treatments performed by en Ekseption specialist.

Ekseption chemical peel treatments contain a new generation of acids. PHA (polyhydroxyacids) including lactobionic acid and gluconolactone which are less irritating, providing more comfort on application and better results when compared to AHA's. PHA's are combine in the formulas with other acids to obtain a perfect synergy for the best results.

Ekseption chemical peels contain other actives such as peptides and natural extracts. Little to no treatment downtime is achieved by combining Ekseption homecare products with in clinic professional peels.



Medical grade - Prescription only

Pharmaceuticals are medical grade skincare products which are prescribed by a trained healthcare profession following full consultation, they can manage acne, hyperpigmentation, roughness and ageing. Pharmaceutical products are the products that can truly change how your skin is formed. They are evidence-based products with a high strength of active ingredients and sophisticated delivery systems which penetrate the layers of skin



Professional use and recommendation

Cosmeceuticals are used by skincare professionals and can be purchased after recommendation from a trained health professional. They have a lower concentration of biologically active ingredients compared with medical grade products. They can penetrate through the top layer of skin, the active ingredients enable you to see visible changes to your skin, especially when combined with medical grade products.



Retail products

Cosmetic skincare, no matter how big the price tag - any skincare product that can be bought without prescription or recommendation, from any beauty retailers is cosmetic. They aren’t able pass through the top layer of skin to the layer below, where the skin can make visible changes, because the active ingredients are not a high enough strength. They can exfoliate, add fragrance and hydrate the skins surface, this can make the skin appear to look brighter and feel smoother.



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