All day shield SPF50+ 30ml

All day shield SPF50+ 30ml

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A new generation of protection day cream with ferulic acid, vitamin E and helioguard-365 a natural UVA-screening compound from sea algae to protect the skin against photo-aging. Despite the high protection offered by the cream the texture is light and refreshing.

all-day shield is a novel generation of daily and highly protective skin care. It is conditioned in a convenient airless to be carried all day. This protective daily wear is an innovation at different levels. The water in oil formulation creates a long lasting film over the skin resisting to sweating, providing a base for make-up and avoiding the penetration of the sunscreens into the skin. The all-day shield offers a complete UVA and UVB protection thanks to ferulic acid (UVB) and helioguard 365 (UVA) a natural UVA-screening compound from sea algae to protect the skin against photo-aging. The formula is boosted in vitamin E to provide an additional free radical protection




    • Prevent the appearance of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging by actively protecting the skin against UVA-induced stress.
    • Protects 365 days against photo-aging.
    • Protects skin from free radicals and DNA damage.
    • Formulated in an exclusive water in oil texture for long-lasting protection.
    • Ideal for all skin types.




    • Ferulic acid
    • Helioguard 365
    • Vitamin E




    • In the morning and at midday, apply on the whole face, neck and chest. For optimal protection, wait at least 10 minutes before applying make-up products. We recommend mineral make-up.

    To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it, and it must be in the original packaging.


    Ferulic acid

    Ferulic acid occurs in nature, in plants as a free acid or as ester mainly in seeds, in leaves and in barks. The multiactive and multifunctional effects of ferulic acid are really of most interest.

    1. Sunscreen effect:
Ferulic acid like chemical sunscreen agents have a phenyl-2-propene structure that means, they have a vinylgroup at the benzene ring, which is strongly absorbing UV-light.
By this absorption, the stabilized phenoxy radical will be formed and later a cis-trans-isomerization will occur. By this mode of action ferulic acid in barks, leaves and seeds is protecting the plant from the harmful rays of sunlight.
Ferulic acid and their esters show a maximum of UV-absorption at 280nm and 340nm (UVB).

    2. An antioxidative effectiveness: Ferulic acid can prevent the development of radicals started by oxygen and UV-radiation. Each reactive radical which might get contact with a molecule of ferulic acid abstracts a hydrogen atom from the phenolic group of ferulic acid.
A phenoxyradical is generated, which shows a high resonance stabilization. Therefore, ferulic acid is approved as an antioxidant agent in cosmetics and in food. Ferulic acid and peptides form mixtures with synergistic antioxidative effects against peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and fats of all kind. Ferulic acid also enhances the antioxidant benefits of vitamin E.

    3. Anti-inflammatory effectiveness: The effect of many anti-inflamatory agents is based on their influence on mediators of inflammable reactions. Oxygen radicals belong to these mediators. The anti-inflammatory effectiveness of ferulic acid is based on its antioxidative potential.

    Helioguard 365

    Unlike UVB, UVA is much less dependent on the time of the day or the season and penetrates clouds and glass. UVA is the major cause of premature skin-aging manifested by deep wrinkles and loss of resilience. Thus, our skin needs permanent protection against UVA.

    Ingredients that are applied on a daily basis need to be absolutely safe. Helioguard 365 is a natural, safe alternative to synthetic sun filters for the use in anti-aging products. Helioguard 365 consists of sun-screening compounds from the red alga Porphyra umbilicalis. They protect the skin efficiently against premature aging.

    To produce Helioguard 365 two mycosporine- like amino acids (MAA) are concentrated and incorporated into liposomes. Porphyra-334 and shinorine, have a maximum of absorption at 334 nm. The extinction coefficient of both is between 40’000 and 45’000. Therefore, these two MAAs have the same absorption capacities as commercial, synthetic UVA-filters.


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