PHA activator 30ml

PHA activator 30ml

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This night cream is formulated to reduce the skin pH gradually, simultaneously exfoliate, replenish moisture and reduce pigmentation for a smooth, radiant complexion. It is used to prepare the skin before anti-ageing and moisturising peels.

pha activator is a revolutionary resurfacing cream that helps to regenerate the skin. Using an exclusive technology of formulation with acids, enzymes and active ingredients it can be used as a single intensive treatment or to prepare the skin for professional polyhydroxy acids peelings. The product is highly effective in promoting skin renew, exfoliating, reducing pigmentation and restore the skin pH. It must be combined with the all-day shield during the day to protect the skin from UV damages.




    • Designed to restore the natural skin pH gradient.
    • Activate exfoliating enzymes to renew the skin gradually.
    • Increase the overall skin radiance.
    • Water in oil formula adapted to night care.
    • Restore a high skin moisture.
    • Reveal a smooth skin texture after few applications.




    • Lactobionic acid
    • Gluconolactone
    • Sodium lactate
    • Enzymes
    • Hexyl resorcinol
    • Vitamin E




    • As single treatment: use the product for 5 to 6 weeks in combination with the all-day shield during the day. Once daily at night, apply the cream to the face, neck, and chest.
    • As a combined treatment with pha professional chemical peels use as directed by a skincare professional. During the 2 weeks before the first treatment, apply at night and combine it during the day with the all-day shield. Then apply 3 consecutive days before additional procedures.

    To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it, and it must be in the original packaging.


    Lactobionic acid & gluconolactone

    1. Restoring pH balance. The interaction of gluconolactone with skin begins once it was applied, affecting the acid mantle. The enzyme activity depends on the pH balance that may be disrupted by hostile environment, make-up, skin care or pathology. The gentle influence of gluconolactone helps to achieve proper pH level restoring pH balance and a proper skin renewal process.

    2. Regeneration. Lactobionic acid includes galactose, which is famous for its wound-healing properties. The acid allows for repair of damaged skin structures and faster regeneration.

    3. Gradual skin penetration. Lactobionic acid and gluconolactone have considerable molecular mass and consists of relatively big molecules. As a result, they penetrate skin gradually, layer by layer. Dead skin cells are removed gently, causing no skin irritation. The acids lighten skin, making pigment spots less visible.

    3. Anti-photo ageing activity. Lactobionic acid inhibits matrix metalloproteinases, which are the main cause of skin aging. They destroy the major components of the extracellular matrix of the skin, collagen in particular, causing elasticity loss, deep wrinkles and a sagging face. Metalloproteinases are responsible for skin aging process and the development of telangiectasias – oblong red areas on the face. Their activity is stimulated by long-term exposure to sunlight and leads to rapid photo ageing. Skin becomes smoother. Thanks to its ability to normalize metabolic processes, affect fibroblasts, and increase collagen production, it lifts and removes even deep wrinkles.

    4. Antioxidant properties. Lactobionic acid can function as a link between iron ions, providing strong antioxidant effect. It removes free radical intermediates and protects skin from dangerous UV radiation. Gluconolactone is a natural antioxidant which is as effective as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol). It is contained in the skin maintaining optimal moisture content. Gluconolactone blocks the synthesis of pro-interleukin-1 which is responsible for the regulation of immune and which high concentration in the horny layer of the skin can cause increased inflammation.

    5. Deep moisturizing. Lactobionic acid helps to moisturize skin. It is capable of adsorbing water and trapping it inside the skin even when the skin is exposed to adverse weather conditions, i.e. increasingly dry air, for a long period of time. Lactobionic acid creates a water film on the surface of skin, which helps to tackle signs of skin dryness, itching, and tightness for a long time.
    The ability of gluconolactone to transfer water molecules plays a central role in skin moisturizing. Getting in the granular layer of skin, water causes calcium ions concentration decline sending signal to the body to stimulate lipid synthesis in keratinocytes. Gluconolactone also activates lipid synthesis in keratinocytes providing moisture into horny layer of skin.

    Hexyl resorcinol

    Resorcinol is a natural compound extracted from cereal, the hexyl resorcinol is a stable form less irritant and more effective for skin care products.

    • 4 times more effective than hydroquinone working by modulating multiple sites in the melanogenesis pathway. A product containing 0,5% of hexyl resorcinol is comparable to a 2% hydroquinone treatment without the associated side effects. It is effective on pigmented spots, skin tone and roughness.
    • It has also a protective effect against oxidative DNA damage induced by hydrogen peroxide. This result is attributed to increase levels of glutathione, and stimulation of antioxidant defence enzymes (glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase.



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